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Editor’s Choice:

Ways to improve knowledge of HIV and STIs among young MSM

Why does it matter? Young MSM are at risk of HIV and STIs and poor knowledge is one recognised determinant. Researchers in Ireland tell us that knowledge regarding HIV and STI transmission, testing and treatment among MSM is modulated by demographic factors, sexual health variables and use of MSM-specific sexual health promotion materials.

Key message: Younger MSM aged 18-24 reported lower knowledge, but engagement with the main national MSM-specific sexual health promotion website improved knowledge levels.

Other highlights:
Perspectives picks:
  • Regular use of an antibacterial mouthwash does not prevent oropharyngeal gonococcal infection
  • Expedited partner therapy does not improve eradication of Chlamydia trachomatis before delivery

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Professor Anna Maria Geretti
Editor-in-Chief, Sexually Transmitted Infections

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