Poem: My bubble

By Dr Joseph Hawkins, Consultant in Palliative medicine and end of life clinical lead, Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital. Twitter: @JoeHawk75825077

Dr Joseph Hawkins


My bubble


Living in a bubble isn’t so bad
The view may be different looking out but then,
Who says that what you see is
Really me?
I only have your word for it. 


Science is great,
Every paper I read-at least the ones with
The red border at the top,
Agree with me.
Jabs are bad, that’s important.


I like my bubble,
You tell me that things are changing
But life ain’t so different.
I’ll get better
Science says that there’s a cure
In Japan.


I’ll fly next week.
Once I’m off the oxygen.
When you talk to me
The bubble makes it hard to hear.
Maybe you should step in,
See things from my side? 


Last week,
You stepped in.
You burst my bubble- so I grew a new one.
It really hurt, what you said.
Now I have windows that look forward


It’s not so bad living here.
At least in my bubble
I have no fear.



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