Cancer. 2016 Mar 28. doi: 10.1002/cncr.29844. [Epub ahead of print]

Multicenter cohort study on the survival time of cancer patients dying at home or in a hospital: Does place matter?

Hamano J, Yamaguchi T, Maeda I et al

In a prospective cohort study in 58 Japanese specialist palliative care services, potential differences in the survival time of adults (≥20 years old) with cancer receiving palliative care dying at home or in a hospital were explored. Patients were enrolled consecutively with 2426 recruited and 2069 analysed. Of these, 1582 received palliative care in hospital (1507 died in a hospital and 75 died at home); 487 received palliative care at home (100 died in a hospital and 387 died at home). Adjusting for background prognostic factors and stratified by a prognostic model into days’ and weeks’ and months’ prognosis groups, patients who died at home survived longer than those who died in a hospital in the days’ (estimated median survival 13 vs. 9 days) and weeks’ (36 vs. 29 days) but not the months’ prognosis group. Place of death had a significant influence on the survival time.

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