Forbes Norris Award for editor of JNNP-Professor Matthew Kiernan

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Matthew Kiernan was awarded the highly prestigious Forbes Norris Award by the International ALS Alliance.
The Forbes Norris Award, first presented in 1994, honours the memory of Dr. Forbes “Ted” Norris (1928 – 1993), a neurologist who dedicated his career to helping people with ALS/MND. The purpose of this prestigious Award is to encourage a combination of two major qualities: management of and advances in understanding ALS/MND, to the benefit of people living with the disease. Some previous recipients have included Professor Nigel Leigh, Stanley Appel, Andrew Eisen, Pamela Shaw and more recently Leonard van den Berg to name a few, all very important names in the filed of ALS.
Once again well done Matthew for a wonderful achievement.

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