Neuroimaging in dementias: An important diagnostic aid!

Althgally the diagnosis of dementias remains clinically based, neuroimaging techniques have been increasingly utilised as diagnostic aids.  While “older” or more conventional techniques have been implmenented to exclude “mimc” disorders, newer techniques have been implemented to identify patters of atrophy or metabolic abnormalites that could aid in the type of dementia.  In this issue of JNNP, an elegant review highlighting the currently utilised techniques identifying patterns of atrophy, T1 and T2 lesions etc, puts neuroimaging in specific focus.  Helpful alogartithms have been proposed to guide the reader.  A potential role for “metabolic” imaging (SPECT and PET) is also discussed.

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An algorithmic approach to structural imaging in dementia

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  1. Lorna Harper1,
  2. Frederik Barkhof2,
  3. Philip Scheltens3,
  4. Jonathan M Schott1,
  5. Nick C Fox1

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