Neurofilament proteins: Biomakers for ALS!

Neurofilament proteins, involved in the axonal transport processes, are biomarkers of axonal loss and are elevated in biological tissues, such as plasma and CSF. In ALS, NF levels may be significantly elevated, especially in the CSF. In the March issue of JNNP, Puentes and colleagues report on the utility of NF as a biomarker of disease staging in ALS. Specifically, NF levels were significantly elevated in ALS patients when compared to controls, and were more elevated in patients with advanced disease when assessed in plasma. Importantly patients with a more rapid disease course, irrespective of riluzole status, exhibited higher NF levels. Consequently, NF may serve as a “state” biomarker in ALS cohorts, especially in treatment trials.


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  • Neurodegeneration
  • Short report

Immune reactivity to neurofilament proteins in the clinical staging of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis


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