The Impact Commentary


How does a scientific manuscript become highly cited, a trail-blazer for others to develop their theories and practice?

To help us understand this process, the January issue of JNNP launched the Impact Commentary, to provide a modern perspective on some of the most highly cited JNNP studies of all time.

Where possible we have approached the authors of the original study, or in other cases asked key opinion leaders to comment on the original science and subsequent course, to dissect out the reasons behind each publication success.

In addition to providing pearls of wisdom, the Impact Commentary will provide newcomers such as neurology trainees, with an opportunity to put discoveries and developments across the clinical neurosciences into a historical context as a whole. The opportunity to get the ‘long view’ from the original author, the opinion that sets the scene and then goes beyond their particular research study and how this may have influenced important developments in the field, in some cases over many decades, remains all too rare.

An Impact Commentary will be rolled out with each monthly issue of JNNP, and can be found as a topic collection at

The Impact Commentary

The impact commentary

A modern perspective on the most highly cited JNNP studies of all time

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