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The first volume of JNNP was launched in 1920 with commentary by the foundation Editor, Kinnier Wilson entitled ‘The Realm of Neurology.’

In colourful prose, consistent with his flamboyant style, Kinnier Wilson incorporated serious discussion concerning the choice of a career as a neurologist. While developing his explanation he commented:

The nervous system still stands at the very core, the hub, of ever-widening theoretical and practical interests. More than ever must the neurologist be a man of culture and of aspiration…who can see his subject whole, and appreciate contributions from whosoever they come.

This progressive and insightful observation is even more valid today as the world tends towards a globalised village. Distance and culture present fewer barriers than ever to Kinnier Wilson’s ‘realm’. The aim of today’s clinical neuroscientist is to discover and implement these research breakthoughs, by garnering both theoretical and practical approaches whatever their origins, rather than simply operating at a technical level. This conglomeration of experiences and approaches remains in stark contrast with the majority of subspecialties across the larger medical and surgical landscape where many of the mechanisms are already largely solved. The neurosciences, in contrast, still pose the question: will we ever truly know or understand every machination of the human mind?.

Clinical impact, rather than merely simple metrics, remains the cornerstone of JNNP. It is the journal’s scientific content in relation to the clinical neurosciences that remains the key focus. As such, the current high standing of the journal is further supported by an immense archive collection, built up over almost a century, with the longest citation half life of any journal across the clinical neurosciences. In other words, the original manuscripts, as published in JNNP, are not only citation classics but continue to be regularly cited in the current literature, further serving to reinforce the fact that JNNP is a neuroscience trail blazer, not merely a follower.

As we look to the future, our manifesto remains the same: to build on the great foundations of the original JNNP spirit, while constantly evolving to reinforce the journal’s reach and relevance.

True to the purpose of the journal and in line with Kinnier Wilson’s ‘aspirational neurologist’, today we launch the JNNP blog, and welcome submissions from whosoever and indeed wherever they may come!

Matthew C. Kiernan
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry

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