Dysfunction of VIPR2 leads to myopia in humans and mice

Myopia incidence is reaching epidemic proportions in some communities, especially in East Asia regions. Meta-association analysis was used to determine if the vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor 2 (VIPR2) associated with myopia a human Chinese cohort, and then conform it using Vipr2-KO mice. Presence of variant in the VIPR2 gene and loss of VIPR2 function in mice promoted increases in myopia progression. Functional evidences suggested that VIPR2 dysfunction affecting the bipolar cell function, resulting in abnormal retinal electrical wave activity output, then give rise to myopia. VIP-VIPR2 signaling axis may provide a novel target to improve therapeutic management of this condition. (By Dr. Xiangtian Zhou, https://jmg.bmj.com/content/early/2020/12/14/jmedgenet-2020-107220 )

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