Type 2 Diabetes: An Alarming Disease in Mexican-Americans

Type 2 Diabetes: An Alarming Disease in Mexican-Americans

Melanie F. Molina

University of Texas at Austin, School of Biological Sciences


¡Atención compadres! There’s a new villain in town.

It’s a disease doctors are still trying to pin down.

Type 2 Diabetes, perhaps it’s hard to believe.

But hear it now, before turning to leave!

Diabetes targets everyone; all sizes and races.

Its development, however, has partly a genetic basis.

Although Mexicans may not be at the greatest hereditary disadvantage,

Delicious food and lack of exercise make the disease in their culture especially hard to manage.

While scientists search frantically to pinpoint the genes,

It’s important that latinos make it a routine,

To resist the temptations of pasteles and sweets,

And be physically active, in spite of the heat.

For if not, this epidemic will be quite hard to delay,

And as for finding a cure, there will simply be no way.


Melanie F. Molina is a student at The University of Texas at Austin who is interested in the threat diabetes poses on public health. This summer, she is working with Hui-Qi Qu on the genetics of diabetes in Mexican-Americans.

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