International Safety Media Awards

Recognizing the world’s best safety promotion and injury prevention media.

Held in conjunction with the World Health Organization’s 14th Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion Conference 27 till 30 Nov 2022 in Adelaide, Australia




An opportunity to honor high quality and effective media

Why don’t you enter the International Safety Media Awards 2022 for a chance to showcase your Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention messages?

Open Call for International Safety Media Awards (ISMA) is from 10 Jan  till 20 March 2022. For more information please visit:

The International Safety Media Awards have been a part of the World Health Organization’s SAFETY Conferences since 2006 in Durban, South Africa. The Awards provide a platform to recognize powerful and effective safety promotion and injury prevention media initiatives. The ISMAs also provide an opportunity to strengthen worldwide multi-sectorial partnerships and share state-of-the-art learnings. At the last conference over 600 pieces of media were received from every continent except Antarctica.

BE INSPIRED: Check out the previous winning entries at of the 7th International Safety Media Awards (ISMA) presented at the Virtual Pre-Conference Global Injury Prevention Showcase in March 2021.

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