Grumpy over-protective Nanny Barry

Am I the only person in the injury prevention world who watched the Olympics with a mixture of admiration and condemnation? What struck me — and perhaps only me — was that virtually every one of the ‘sports’ were dangerous. The danger element ranged from simple falls on the ice for dancers without helmets to snowboarders flipping over from considerable heights.  Not that I understand it, but only curling seemed reasonably free of danger. I am not exaggerating when I say that as I reviewed all the others in my mind I found no other that I would want to encourage my children or grandchildren to pursue. Of course if athletes want to get on a luge sled or skeleton sled and slide down an icy track at more than 100 mph that is their choice and I would not wish to interfere. But it does trouble me that they are setting examples for children and adolescents who would like to share the fame and, dare I say it, riches that follow successes at the Olympics. The Olympics seems to be all about risk taking to an excessive degree. In Vancouver we had one luge death. In Sochi I can’t remember any serious injuries but lots of near misses to say nothing of those who bravely (but perhaps foolishly) chose to compete while injured. That includes Canada’s very own gold medal winning goalie!

So, yes, I am grumpy; and I am over-protective; and I do believe in the nanny state. By all means explain why you think I am wrong if you disagree. 

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