Guns on Campus in Idaho

Today, the Idaho House of Representatives will be discussing legislation that has already passed the state senate that would allow individuals who have a concealed weapon’s permit to carry a gun on college and university campuses in the state.  One of the arguments in favor of this legislation is that someone who is considering carrying out a mass shooting will be less likely to attempt to do so if students and others on campus are packing heat.  And if for some reason they decide to give it a shot anyway, there will be a unit of armed citizens on campus to take them out.  This and other arguments in favor of this legislation seem insane to me but apparently they are persuasive to many others as this legislation has already passed the state senate.

In response to all of this, Greg Hampikian, a professor at Boise State (located in Idaho) published a biting and satirical opinion piece in the New York Times titled “When May I Shoot a Student?”  For me, it captures the insanity and ridiculousness of this proposed legislation.  It is a good read.

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