Airbag Bicycle Helmet?

Well, here’s a twist on the bike helmet. Swedish graduate students have invented an airbag that deploys from a collar to protect the head. The system was designed to meet the demand of bicyclists who object to helmets because they are unstylish or interfere with hair style.

Hovding Crash Test Video

It is activated, apparently, by accelerometers in the yoke collar. Since style was an impetus in development of the device, it is important to know that the exterior cover can be swapped to coordinate with outfits.  Not sure what testing would be required to meet safety standards, nor who – really – would part with the USD 450 currently required to purchase one … still, kudos to innovators who continue to make protective technologies more acceptable and, ultimately, more prevalent.

Other, related, concepts:

1) bike helmets that stink when damaged (real)

2) explosive dog collars for emergency canine flotation (spoof, I think)

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