Nurses Role in Complex Geriatric Assessment: Twitter Chat Summary

EBN’s Twitter Chat about the Nurses’s Role in Complex Geriatric Assessment was a great discussion of the barriers and facilitators in caring for geriatric patients. The Twitter chat was hosted by Associate Editor Roberta Heale @robertaheale and @EBNursingBMJ with use of #ebnjc. A blog with a helpful introduction to the Twitter Chat can be found here

A summary of the key points are: 

  1. Questions arose about what is complex geriatric assessment and tools were shared to demonstrate:
  2. Concerns about care of the elderly were discussed
  3. We discussed difficulty in recognizing delirium, particularly hypoactive delirium. A helpful article was posted:
  4. We discussed advance care planning.  A participant added a helpful resource
  5. We explored ways to help keep people in their homes.  Virtual wards are one solution
  6. We discussed keeping the patient at the centre of care and mobilizing a team approach with effective communication.

Don’t forget to participate in the next @EBNursingBMJ #ebnjc twitter chat on Wednesday, Feb 20th at 8pm UK time.

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