Why become a blogger?

Joanna Smith, Associate Editor EBN (@josmith175)

As the Internet developed and became a means for social engagement, particularly in the late 1990s, supported by an increased range and versability of software platforms, blogs (or web log -blog) have gained in popularity. Early blogs started primarily as online journals of diaries with ‘bloggers’ typically posting a monologue about their lives. As blogs have evolved, interactive features can create a two-way conversation. Is not surprising that blogging has become a popular means of networking; communicating, sharing information and news.

Blogging enables has the potential to reach the millions of people that use the Internet, and can help you promote topics important to you and create a network of like mined people, establishes yourself as an authority and enhance your professional image.

10 reasons to write a blog:


It is fairly straight forward to set up you own blog page using one of the many platforms available, but do consider the type of platform and the reason you want to blog:


If you wish to network or share idea intermittent you might want to link to professional communities that regularly post blogs such as EBN and it is likely your work place web sites post blogs, which are useful starting points. Blogs that provide heath care advice, health bloggers, can influence health outcomes in positive ways, BUT you need to be certain that your information is accurate and well researched, and posts are socially responsible, and don’t forget that as a professional you are accountable for the advice provided. For more information access:


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