EBN Twitter Journal Club – Session Two

We all know that exposure to tobacco smoke during pregnancy can have negative effects on both maternal and child health. Yet, we haven’t had an understanding of all specific effects until now.  The study under review this week gives nurses insight into this important public health issue and has the potential to influence nursing care of women and families during pregnancy.

Our discussion will take place from Thursday, January 31 to Friday, February 4th.  To participate, simply tweet using #ebnjc.

The article is:

Crane JM, Keough M, Murphy P, et al. Effects of environmental tobacco smoke on perinatal outcomes: a retrospective cohort study. BJOG 2011;118:865–71

Link to article: http://bit.ly/Vgsb9h

Please consider the following questions:

  1. What information does an ‘odds ratio’ provide and what can be concluded from the outcomes of this study about the effects of environmental tobacco smoke on perinatal outcomes?
  2. What is a retrospective cohort study?  Discuss why it is appropriate to answer the clinical question in this study.
  3. In your mind, what effect does sample size have on the impact of this data?
  4. How will the results of this study influence your nursing care?

EBN commentary of the article can be found at:  http://bit.ly/14ksvKQ

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