HIV & COVID-19 – What do we know so far?

HIV & COVID-19 Podcast

Take-home points and resources from the originally recorded podcast found here:

Take-home points

  • PLWHIV who have COVID-19 do as well as the general population if they have no other risk factors and who are well immune-reconstituted on anti-retroviral medication.
  • Encourage people living with HIV (PLWHIV) if admitted to hospitals to disclose their status to admitting physicians. 
  • Encourage admitting physicians to contact the HIV specialist team as soon as a PLWHIV are admitted.
  • Do not stop anti-retroviral medication even if the patient is very unwell without discussing it with the HIV specialist team.
  • Check for potential drug-drug interactions on
  • Test people with COVID-19 for HIV to make sure they receive anti-retroviral medication to rescue their immune system. HIV testing saves lives!
  • PLWHIV and their community need to proactively engage with strategies to maintain their physical and mental wellbeing to avoid catching COVID-19 infection and support their immune system.


British HIV Association:

Australasian Society of HIV, viral hepatitis and STIs:

Drug-Drug Interaction check:

Reporting COVID-19 cases:

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