“Pediatric” case reports now in vogue?

The American Academy of Pediatrics’ journal ‘Pediatrics’ has made public its New Year’s resolutions in an editorial called “The Next Generation of Pediatrics”.

First LR, Moyer VA, Puskarz J. The Next Generation of Pediatrics. PEDIATRICS. 2010 1;125(1):193-194.

In it they announce the relaunch of case reports with some excellent selection criteria namely reports that:

“(1) challenge an existing clinical or pathophysiological paradigm; (2) provide a starting point for novel hypothesis-testing, clinical research; and/or (3) offer a clinical “lesson” that may allow pediatric colleagues to provide improved care.”

Dr Jeffrey Malatack, associate editor, will direct the online case report collection after their 1 year “sabbatical” from the journal.

This is encouraging news for those of us who believe that case reports are a valuable source of early evidence and education.

What value is there in broader, more comprehensive collections of case reports BMJ Case Reports? Often challenging cases can span disciplines or, especially in diseases familiar to paediatricians, present at different ages such as in adulthood.

We look forward to more publications and increasing enthusiasm for Case Reports.