Examining the Sexual Health of Medical Residents in Paris

By Dr. Pierre-Emmanuel Cailleaux

To date, there is no data available concerning the sexual health of medical residents in France. Therefore, in our paper ‘Paris’ medical residents’ sexual health before the SARS-CoV-2 burden’, we decided to identify the determinants of sexual health in this population.

We used a 107-items questionnaire, derived from the last national sexual health survey, and performed the survey over three days. With 409 responders, we were delighted to observe the enthusiasm surrounding the study. Our results revealed a high percentage of sexual satisfaction (82.2 %), with an average of 7.7 intercourses per month and 81 % of residents achieving orgasm during their last intercourse. Nonetheless, there remained high prevalence of sexual disorders (lack of libido experienced in 51.3 % of men and difficulties reaching orgasm in 68.1 % of women).

Furthermore, when residents were asked about their lifestyle, we observed high levels of stress, fatigue, and drug and alcohol consumption. Additionally, many residents seemed isolated. However, despite the residents’ workload and working conditions, it was reassuring to continue to see high levels of sexual satisfaction.

Even though this was one of the first studies on this topic in this specific population, we believe that this work paves the road for a deeper analysis of the relationship between sexual health and its determinants in this population in France. We also believe that the research has emphasised several important points that highlight a need to improve the medical residents’ well-being.


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