Intrauterine systems delivering progesterone to the endometrium have been in use in the UK for some time. Most of us will be familiar with Mirena (Bayer), a system containing 52 mg levonorgestrel which can be used for five years. This month, a new intrauterine system was launched: Jaydess®, also produced by Bayer.

Jaydess® measures 28x30x1.55mm, and contains 13.5 mg of levonestrogel. Unlike its predecessor, it is licensed only for contraceptive use at the moment, and needs to be replaced after three years of use; however, it has a narrower insertion tube (3.80mm vs 4.75mm) and a slightly smaller frame, which may be of value in women with a stenosed cervix, or in nulliparous women. In comparison, a Pipelle is 3.1mm in outside diameter. In Bayer’s phase II, single blinded trials, slightly less cervical dilatation was needed for the Jaydess insertion and more women reported no pain on insertion in comparison with Mirena.

For those wishing further information, the product characteristics can be found at the MHRA  webpage.


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