BMJ Open works with Publons to give credit for peer review


We’re pleased to announce that BMJ Open has partnered with Publons to help reviewers gain credit for their work.

Publons is a free service for reviewers, which enables them to gain public recognition for the reviews they complete. To take advantage of this service, you will first need to create a profile on Publons. When you submit your review via ScholarOne you will then be asked whether you would like to be credited for your review on Publons. Selecting ‘yes’ means that your review details will automatically be exported.

ORCID integration

In addition, Publons has partnered with ORCID so that reviewers can opt to have their verified review history automatically added to their ORCID profile.

Follow the steps below to make use of this service:

  1. Register for an ORCID profile (if you haven’t already).
  2. Sign in to Publons.
  3. Click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner and select ‘Settings’.
  4. Under the ‘Reviews’ tab, click on the box ‘Authorise Publons to add reviews to ORCID’. Complete the relevant fields and click ‘Authorise’.
  5. Under the ‘Emails’ tab on the Publons site, add and verify any email addresses you have used for past peer review work.

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