#BMJOpen5years: 2014 article highlight

This week we’re celebrating our fifth anniversary by highlighting some of the articles that have gained us attention, along with some that demonstrate our unique approach. 

Cited 49 times in Web of Science, and with an Altmetric score of 306, our 2014 article highlight investigates the relationship between salt intake, blood pressure, stroke, and ischaemic heart disease mortality.

Using data from more than 31,500 people, Feng He and colleagues show that salt intake decreased by 15% in England from 2003-2011. During the same period, heart disease and stroke deaths fell by around 40%.

While several factors are likely at play, the results are encouraging. However, with 70% of the English population still consuming more than the recommended quantity of salt (6 g/day)–much of it coming from processed foods–further efforts to reduce salt consumption are needed.


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