The effect of statins, obesity-related behaviours in Europe and the accuracy of Wikipedia content: Most read articles in October

Statins, obesity-related behaviours, and the accuracy of Wikipedia


by Panoramix303
Lovastatin, from Wikipedia

Several papers have entered the Top 10 Most Read this month, including Kristensen et al‘s systematic review on statins and survival in randomised trials, which tops the list. In our tenth most read article, Azer et al assess the accuracy of content of Wikipedia articles on cardiovascular diseases, and at number nine, Lakerveld et al provide the first results of the SPOTLIGHT survey of obesity-related behaviours and body mass index in adults in Europe. Previously featured papers on the list include Deane et al‘s identification of the top priorities for the management of Parkinson’s disease and Dall’Ora et al‘s study on the association of long shifts for nurses and job dissatisfaction.

Rank Author(s) Title
1 Kristensen et al. The effect of statins on average survival in randomised trials, an analysis of end point postponement
2 Deane et al. Priority setting partnership to identify the top 10 research priorities for the management of Parkinson’s disease
3 Hubble et al. Trunk muscle exercises as a means of improving postural stability in people with Parkinson’s disease: a protocol for a randomised controlled trial
4 Dall’Ora et al. Association of 12 h shifts and nurses’ job satisfaction, burnout and intention to leave: findings from a cross-sectional study of 12 European countries
5 Hysing et al. Sleep and use of electronic devices in adolescence: results from a large population-based study
6 Bernacki et al. Development of the Serious Illness Care Program: a randomised controlled trial of a palliative care communication intervention
7 Plouvier et al. Transitions in Parkinson’s disease in primary care: protocol of a longitudinal mixed methods study
8 Lakerveld et al. Obesity-related behaviours and BMI in five urban regions across Europe: sampling design and results from the SPOTLIGHT cross-sectional survey
9 Kowalczuk et al. Retrospective analysis of the quality of reports by author-suggested and non-author-suggested reviewers in journals operating on open or single-blind peer review models
10 Azer et al. Accuracy and readability of cardiovascular entries on Wikipedia: are they reliable learning resources for medical students?

Most read figures are based on pdf downloads and full text views. Abstract views are excluded.

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