Most reads articles in September

The most read article in September was Aston and colleagues’ modelling study of meat consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. Ekström et al‘s cohort study of the effectiveness of metformin was the second most read and Taylor et al‘s study of the impact of substance misuse remains highly read in third place.

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Rank Author(s) Title
1 Aston et al Impact of a reduced red and processed meat dietary pattern on disease risks and greenhouse gas emissions in the UK: a modelling study
2 Ekström et al Effectiveness and safety of metformin in 51 675 patients with type 2 diabetes and different levels of renal function: a cohort study from the Swedish National Diabetes Register
3 Taylor et al Quantifying the RR of harm to self and others from substance misuse: results from a survey of clinical experts across Scotland
4 Wallace et al Barriers to the uptake of evidence from systematic reviews and meta-analyses: a systematic review of decision makers’ perceptions
5 Dahlen et al Rates of obstetric intervention among low-risk women giving birth in private and public hospitals in NSW: a population-based descriptive study
6 Kripke et al Hypnotics’ association with mortality or cancer: a matched cohort study
7 Katzmarzyk and Lee Sedentary behaviour and life expectancy in the USA: a cause-deleted life table analysis
8 Rautio et al Do statins interfere with lifestyle intervention in the prevention of diabetes in primary healthcare? One-year follow-up of the FIN-D2D project
9 Nagai et al Impact of walking on life expectancy and lifetime medical expenditure: the Ohsaki Cohort Study
10 Heneghan et al  The evidence underpinning sports performance products: a systematic assessment

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