Most read articles in April

The most read article in April was – for the third month running – Kripke and colleagues’ analysis of the association between hypnotics and mortality. Second and third most read were  Townsend and Pitchford’s study of the impact of weaning style on food preferences and Hoddinott et al‘s qualitative study of infant feeding. Six of the ten are newly published papers.

Rank Author(s) Title
1 Kripke et al Hypnotics’ association with mortality or cancer: a matched cohort study
2 Townsend and Pitchford Baby knows best? The impact of weaning style on food preferences and body mass index in early childhood in a case–controlled sample
3 Hoddinott et al A serial qualitative interview study of infant feeding experiences: idealism meets realism
4 Woz et al Gender as risk factor for 30 days post-discharge hospital utilisation: a secondary data analysis
5 Henderson et al The association between childhood cognitive ability and adult long-term sickness absence in three British birth cohorts: a cohort study
6 Kryl et al Tracking the impact of research on policy and practice: investigating the feasibility of using citations in clinical guidelines for research evaluation
7 Lee et al UK stroke incidence, mortality and cardiovascular risk management 1999–2008: time-trend analysis from the General Practice Research Database
8 Blakey et al Multimodal observational assessment of quality and productivity benefits from the implementation of wireless technology for out of hours working
9 Kyratsis et al Technology adoption and implementation in organisations: comparative case studies of 12 English NHS Trusts
10 Conrad and Capewell Associations between deprivation and rates of childhood overweight and obesity in England, 2007–2010: an ecological study

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