This artistic ad from Thailand will make you think…and gasp

The opening of this video is intriguing – thick black ink dropping into water, then a paintbrush slowly making a bold black stroke across canvas. The paintbrush has been dipped in what looks like a high quality art paint jar…but it is no ordinary ink. As the ad states, it is the life’s work of a man who spent 50 years to make every drop of it.

Developed by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation in collaboration with Chulalongkorn university and Bbdo Proximity Thailand, The Message from the Lungs is the latest creative, and highly effective, ad to reduce smoking in Thailand. According to Thai Health, it has already resulted in a five-fold increase in quit smoking program participation. Watch it below:

  • geNetic5

    The Message from inside your lungs is clear clean air is what we all need to breathe.DON’T add to the already polluted air by smoking tobacco.The smoke is filled with TAR & other Carcinogens which our Lungs cannot remove because the beautiful cilia or stuck together just like an Oil slick sticks to birds beautiful feathers.The birds drown or die of exhaustion.We drown in our own secretions & die of shortness of breath.We struggle to live just like the tar covered birds,they die quickly we linger on trying to live our lives with no breath.The end comes slowly & it could have been prevented by STOPPING SMOKING.Its too late for the birds but we have a second chance to live by STOPPING SMOKING