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Welcome to the Medical Humanities blog

Welcome to the Blog for the BMJ journal Medical Humanities. The Blog has, since its creation in 2008, offered a space for discussing the arts and humanities as they relate to health and illness. We would like to open up that space and make it a more inclusive, diverse and responsive environment in which the richness of what we call ‘Medical Humanities’ is captured. In a field that embraces the interdisciplinary and plurality of approach, we want to build a community that offers new perspectives, fosters collaborations and celebrates curiosity.

Of course, building a community takes time and commitment. Most importantly perhaps, it takes trust and a sense of belonging. So, this is a project that will not be accomplished merely by publishing a new post or by creating a new section on the Blog. Rather, it is long-term endeavour that is related to some of the changes that are planned for the journal. Some of the changes are practical: for example, we envisage that the Blog will become the place for the time-sensitive pieces such as reviews, analyses of exhibitions and events, listings and conference reports. We will be adding new sections and resources in the coming months. However, the Blog offers much more than merely being the repository for particular types of submissions or a categorisation challenge. The Blog is an invaluable opportunity for engagement and discovery. The Blog is a place where people can talk to each other, whether they are authors and their readers, broadcasters and their audiences or artists and academics. It is a place for meaningful conversations about work, ideas and questions. Most importantly, we want the Blog to be a shared endeavour and to benefit from the range of expertise, wisdom and creativity that imbues the field of medical humanities. So, if you would like to share something on the Blog, write a guest post, host a discussion or make a suggestion, we would be delighted to hear from you: you can get directly in touch with our blog curator and reviews editor, Dr Anna McFarlane, at anna.mcfarlane [at]

Finally, this Blog is part of an online ecology of resources, websites and blogs for those interested and working in medical humanities. In developing our Blog, we want to acknowledge those on whose shoulders we are standing. As part of that process, we will be refreshing our links to other sites and recognising the outstanding contributions made by so many people working in this area. If there is a site we have overlooked, do let us know.

We look forward to getting to know you.

Professor Deborah Bowman

Editor-in-Chief, Medical Humanities





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