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LP post-seizure – do white cells indicate infection?

5 Jun, 11 | by Bob Phillips

Obviously, I’m excluding the rather large proportion of my workload where the presence of white cells in the CSF indicate metastatic disease … but in normal children, if you did an LP on a child after a seizure and got a total white cell count of 19, would you be treating for meningitis?


Treating penicillin-resistant pneumococci with penicillin

7 Jul, 09 | by Bob Phillips

Now if you ask me, the idea of treating a penicillin-resistant organism with penicillin seems faintly ridiculous…  like an iron with drawing pins on the sole plate. Either the bug is resistant (which to me means it resists dying when I use the drug) or it isn’t (so it will die) but it seems that this may not be as straightforward as it seems.


Q: Honey for neutropenia?

8 Oct, 08 | by Bob Phillips

Life Mel HoneyIt’s my own question, this time, and throws up lots of annoying little things.

The problem is straightforward: I’m a paediatric oncologist in my spare time, and was asked about the use of LifeMel honey to prevent infections.

Now, being both an EBMer and a Physician, I said I didn’t know, but didn’t think it could do, but might cause problems. (Remember we’re not supposed to give honey to infants ’cause of botulinism? Same concerns.)


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