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acquired brain injury

LP post-seizure – do white cells indicate infection?

5 Jun, 11 | by Bob Phillips

Obviously, I’m excluding the rather large proportion of my workload where the presence of white cells in the CSF indicate metastatic disease … but in normal children, if you did an LP on a child after a seizure and got a total white cell count of 19, would you be treating for meningitis?


Q: Carbamazapine calms you down?

28 Feb, 10 | by Bob Phillips

Gormley's 'Another Place'Despite being a paediatric oncologist in my spare time, I am aware that brain tumours and neurosurgeons aren’t the only cause of acquired brain injury in childhood. And I know that the problems of ABI can be tremendous, from the horror of the initial injury and ICU, facing mortality and physical changes, through the unpredictable time of fully active rehab into a strange period where the gap between what could of been and what is can seem to grow wider. Aggression and agitation may be perceived as an entirely understandable reaction to living through ABI, but can cause real difficulties in family, school and social lives. more…

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