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Q: Tongue tie division for breastfeeding?

2 Apr, 09 | by Bob Phillips

Cute baby with tongue tieHave you (yet) had a parent ask for a referral for tongue tie division to assist with a poorly feeding baby? What is the right answer to this question; “Of course, there are good trial data to support it”,

“Well, if you want but there’s no good evidence for it.” or

“I think that any form of mutilation of a child without strong evidence is ultimately harmful and may be unethical.”

This answer to this question may well be along soon …

Acknowledgement: Photo from Qole Perjoran, CreativeCommons

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  • james robertson

    Personally I think we miss the point- surely tongue tie is most important when it comes to the teenage years and kissing

  • As NICE has recommended, there are a group of babies with tongue-ties who cannot breastfeed, or may have problems bottle feeding.
    Any Lactation consultant or infant feeding Advisor knows that a tongue-tie will need to be excluded if there are problems latching on, there are mutilated nipples ( forget child mutilation), or the baby is essentially feeding continuously.
    The published RCTs all support divison for symptomatic babies.
    So, If asked, the correct reply is “Yes, of course”.

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