It turns out that roaming charges in the States are ridiculous. £8 a MB means only a few tweets, FB updates, and attempts at writing up a blog post leas to an astronomical phone bill…

The ATS starts proper tomorrow. San Diego is it’s usual mix of great places to eat, deceptive heat, and a big aircraft carrier in the bay. The program looks interesting, and so long as I get free wifi somewhere (roaming charges being prohibitive), there should be a stream of tweets and FB updates to keep everyone up to speed.

Before that, though, is the Navy Bridge Run/Walk. I cycled the 20km out to the registration point this afternoon – one application of factor 30 seemingly not enough to prevent 1st degree burns on my arms… The race starts at 08:00, so hopefully the sun won’t be at full strength as we run over the Coronado bridge – usually it’s closed to pedestrians.

The most intriguing session tomorrow has to be “Great Cases: Clinical, Radiologic, and Pathologic Correlations by Master Physicians”. The descriptions of the cases include: the case of the vanishing lungs; connecting the dots; breathing through Swiss cheese; a very unfortunate player; hear me roar. I have to go, really.

Although “There’s nothing latent about latent TB” has a certain ring to it.

Time to put my arms in some more cold water, and venture out to an evening symposium.

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