Editor-in-Chief Vacancy, Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually Transmitted Infections (sti.bmj.com) is the world’s longest running international journal on sexual health, publishing peer reviewed original research, descriptive epidemiology, evidence-based reviews and comment on the clinical, public health, translational, sociological and laboratory aspects of sexual health from around the world. It also has an active online presence via a regular blog, podcasts, and social media channels. The journal is owned by BMJ and is an official journal of the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV and the Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine.

Sexually Transmitted Infections seeks a new Editor-in-Chief that understands the impact that a high quality scholarly journal can have on improving knowledge and practice in sexual health. The successful candidate will recognise the need to engage the journal’s audiences at all levels, develop its print and online content, and extend its reach. They will establish a vision for the role that continues the momentum created by the current editorial team, advances the journal’s international reputation and profile, and provides engaging and informed content.
The Editor-in-Chief will report to BMJ but have final responsibility for the editorial content and strategy of the journal, with support from their appointed editorial team and the publishing team. This individual should have stature in the field of sexual health, a distinguished publication record, and editorial experience. Editorial support and training will be provided, as well as an annual honorarium. The Editor-in-Chief should expect to spend up to a day in total each week on journal-related activities.
The main responsibilities of the Editor-in-Chief include, but are not limited to:
1. Providing the highest possible quality of scientific content to augment the knowledge, impact and practice of clinicians involved in the field
2. Developing and maintaining an internationally relevant and coherent scientific strategy and vision for the journal
3. Building and maintaining a supportive team of highly qualified international colleagues to serve as members of the editorial board and reviewers
4. Encouraging submission of high quality papers
5. Ensuring the integrity of the review process and providing guidance to authors, reviewers and editorial team members as appropriate
6. Developing procedures for effective triage and review of scientific manuscripts to ensure timely and excellent support is maintained for authors and reviewers
7. Adding value to the journal by commissioning editorials, reviews, educational material and online content, and seeking opportunities to publish themed issues and supplements
8. Supervising the journal’s response to appeals, complaints, suggestions from readers and ethical problems regarding published work
9. Building and maintaining collaborative relationships with affiliated organisations to enhance the journal’s visibility and ensure it meets the needs of the readership
Joint applications will be considered from two or more individuals willing to act as a team to focus on the professional and academic aspects of the journal. Applicants need not be based in the UK and international applicants (or joint applicants based in different countries) are encouraged.
The closing date for applications is 11th April 2016. Interviews will be held in May in central London, UK, or via videoconference. It is envisaged that the outgoing Editor-in-Chief will gradually hand over responsibility for running the journal over the second half of 2016, with the successful candidate officially taking up the post from 1st January 2017. The term of office will be 5 years in the first instance.
The application should include your CV, a letter explaining your interest in the post, your views of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the journal (a basic analysis of the journal and its competitors), and an outline of what your editorial policy and vision might be.
Applications should be sent to Miss Lindsey Fountain, Associate Publisher at BMJ, at lfountain@bmj.com.

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