Looking through the eyes of the sailor…by Christiaan A. Rhodius

Photo of Edvard Munch "Døden ved roret", 1893
(Edvard Munch “Døden ved roret”, 1893. Photo: Munchmuseet / Svein Andersen)

Great to have a breeze. Without it a sailor goes nowhere. I just had to pull my hat down to make sure it wouldn’t blow away. I have secured a good position in the boat, one leg stretched for support and the other bent. Ready for what is coming.

This gentle breeze is nothing compared to what I experienced before. When I look at my sail I see the patched up part. I might look a bit shabby, but I treasure it. It reminds me of the times when things could have turned out very differently…The character at the helm came very close at that point.

Since then I have learned to acknowledge his presence. Even more, being a part of me. How he even mirrors my posture; one leg bent, one leg stretched. Nonetheless, it is longer a source of fright. Much more a stimulus to enjoy wind and sailing. And sure, one day this journey will end, the final destination fixed. That other boats chose a different direction doesn’t bother me. Although I can not control the wind, I will intentionally adjust the sails as I see fit. After all, I am a sailor and without wind a sailor goes nowhere.


Christiaan A. Rhodius, Elderly Care Physician / Consultant in Palliative Medicine, Hospice Bardo (Hoofddorp – the Netherlands)

Photo of Christiaan Rhodius

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