Compassionate Cities Conference in Birmingham

Author: Dr Julian Abel, Director Compassionate Communities UK and chair of organising committee
Compassionate Cities Conference, Birmingham July 10th and 11th 
Hosted by Compassionate Communities UK  Click Here for Programme and details

An inspiring conference, bringing to light how people undergoing the experiences of death, dying, loss and care, can be supported. This should and can happen as part of our culture, where everyone contributes and everyone feels supported. Whilst compassionate cities have been in existence for over 15 years, this is the first conference to be dedicated to the different practices of how this can be implemented. Communities, workplaces, educational institutions, places of worship and other sectors can all collaborate to provide such support and help to all involved. Palliative and end of life care services have an important role integrating with and supporting the development of these initiatives. The conference will highlight a wide array of fantastic practices of how this is done and how it benefits those involved. It will be a conference of inspiring working examples, not focussing on academic evaluation but rather on hearing the many ways in which support can be given. The event is for those working in the field of palliative and end of life and those with personal experience alike. 


There will be an array of internationally respected keynote speakers and breakout sessions, such as workshops and talks. Keynote speakers include Professor Allan Kellehear, who started the field of public health palliative care. Always inspiring and fascinating to hear, Allan’s talk sums up the practice of compassionate cities – Everything, Everywhere, All at Once (and he certainly deserves an Oscar, in many people’s minds). Christian Ntizimira, a highly respected palliative care physician from Rwanda, will talk about Ubuntu, the African philosophy and practice of ‘a person is a person through others’, and its relationship to compassionate cities. This is particularly timely as Ubuntu features in the recently published Lancet Commission on The Value of Death. Panels will be held on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, on challenges and successes of compassionate cities and an international panel on global best practices of compassion. 


The breakout sessions are packed with extraordinary examples of what is possible. Workshops include community support for grief and loss, the role of creativity, compassionate city programmes and many others. 


Imagining such a support network for everyone experiencing death, dying, loss and care can be challenging, but it is possible and transformative when the practice examples are done well and are widely adopted. Alongside loss there is love, courage, and the building of friendships that can last for life. 



Attendance at the conference is in person. Online attendance is possible and streaming will be from the main conference venue room.


To book, click on the link below.



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