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Safety issues

CME T34 Field Safety Notices

CME T34 and leaking extension lines

Due to reports of leaking, CME has issued a Field Safety Notice recalling CME syringe extension sets (product codes 100-172S and 100-172SLL) used with CME T34/T60 syringe pumps. An alternative set (product code PN30-7100) is being supplied in the interim. However, this differs in composition, priming volume and connection to the male Luer lock (see Customer information bulletin). Further, the substitute set can only be used with syringe sizes up to 20mL within the lockbox of the T34; the female Luer prevents the lockbox lid closing with larger syringe sizes. For more information, click here.

CME T34 and use in direct sunlight

CME has issued a Field Safety Notice recommending that the CME T34 is protected from sunlight by covering with a bag/dedicated syringe pump pouch. This is a precaution following problems reported for T60 syringe pumps, where infusions have stopped and alarms activated when exposed to direct sunlight. The issue is related to a change in the material used for the pump housing from June 2013 onwards, which is also used in T34 syringe pumps. For more information, click here.

Hot topics

NICE palliative care guidelines

NICE are starting the process of updating the 2004 clinical guidance ‘Improving supportive and palliative care for adults with cancer’. The draft scope for the updated guidance has been published for consultation. NICE are also recruiting health professionals, and lay members, to join the guidelines committee. The deadline for both consultation responses and applications to join the committee was 29 January 2016. For more information, click here.

Drug updates

Haloperidol, cyclizine and levomepromazine UK supply updates

Haloperidol 5mg/mL injection

We reported in October 2015 (News item 6 October 2015) that there were supply difficulties with haloperidol injection 5mg/mL. We understand that this is now out of stock. Amdipharm Mercury have reported that there is an issue with the raw ingredient, and they do not expect this to be resolved until the end of 2016. There is no other UK authorized product available. We understand that alternative haloperidol injection formulations from other Countries, unauthorized in the UK, are available for import via special order.

Cyclizine 50mg/mL injection

We reported in December 2015 (News item 9 December 2015) that there were supply difficulties with cyclizine injection 50mg/mL. We understand that although there is no known manufacturing issue, the supply and demand situation is currently unstable.

Levomepromazine 25mg/mL injection

They have been some local reports of supply difficulties, however, Sanofi have confirmed that their product (Nozinan) is in stock and available to order; they are unaware of any wholesaler restrictions.

Latest additions

PCF updated monographs summary (January 2016)

The on-line Palliative Care Formulary is being continually updated. The following monographs have been updated during January 2016 and supersede those in the print publication of the 5th edition of the Palliative Care Formulary (PCF5) and PCF5+ 2015 pdf. They can be accessed from the formulary section of the website.

Note there were no changes to the on-line PCF during December 2015.

January 2016

Chapter 04: Benzodiazepines (correction)

Chapter 06: Cellulitis in a lymphoedematous limb, Quick Clinical Guide: Cellulitis in lymphoedema

For further details of corrections, see the individual notifications in the Latest additions section of For a full list of all the monographs updated since the print publication of PCF5, click here. Follow us on twitter @palliativedrugs for the latest updates.


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