The festive season or the injury season?

I thought as my final blog for 2013 that I would ponder the question: the festive season or the injury season?

I recall spending a Christmas Eve some 20 years ago in hospital as my then fiancée had to be treated for dreadful scalds on his stomach. Needless to say, despite the sweltering heat and ridiculously-high humidity, he has never again cooked a Christmas brisket wearing only shorts!

A representative of St George Hospital in the Australian state of New South Wales recently advised “Our emergency department usually experiences an increase in presentations of up to 40 per cent during the Christmas and New Year period.”

Common injuries to be on the lookout for including

* those involving water (and especially pools in the hot Australian summer);

* breaks, sprains and strains which may result from using Christmas presents such as scooters and trampolines;

* burns (see above);

* and cuts (especially when opening gifts with knives).

Apparently hanging Christmas decorations is particularly risky (read more about this injury prevention issue at, with injuries ranging from slips and falls from ladders (and make-shift ladders like tables), electrocutions from faulty wiring and watering trees whilst lights are still plugged in, and children biting into baubles.

I have really enjoyed blogging this year, sharing my thoughts and experiences with you.

I hope you and yours have a happy and safe break as 2013 draws to a close, Bridie : )



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