More on driving safety measures in Quebec

Perhaps it is because Quebec has no-fault car insurance – another of those wicked socialist ideas in the view of some of my American friends – but on many road safety matters it leads the pack in Canada. For much of Montreal, we still have no right turns on red lights or stop signs and I think this helps reduce injuries.  What we don’t have is enough speed or red light cameras but I think this is only a matter of time.  The latests good news announcement was a proposal from Quebec that all provinces agree to authorize random breath testing for drivers as has been proposed by a governmental advisory body.  This would be following the lead in Britain and parts of Australia where random testing has significantly reduced drunk driving. In the Australian states the declines in fatalities over a 5 year periods were between 19% and 35%!  At present the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms requires police to have reason to stop drivers.  Another anomaly being addressed is that drivers under 18 cannot be fined more than $100 for speeding or other traffic offenses.  (K Dougherty, Gazette, Nov 9, 2013)

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