Injury prevention professionals 70% more likely to be injured than the general population (???)

This surprising finding by Mariana Brussoni in BC and colleagues in Wales rings true with me; in the last 20 or so years I have had a fractured nose from being doored, a fractured clavicle from having fallen down stairs at Sydney Airport (or was I pushed?), and a fractured heel from a fall in circumstances too embarrassing to describe. Whether my total exceeds the national average I do not know. Mariana said “We weren’t surprised when we found what we did, but we were surprised at how strong the effect was.” I too am surprised by the ‘strong effect’ but reject her speculation that one explanation may be “risk compensation”.  Nor do I accept the complacency or infallibility hypotheses. Rather, I postulate that the 400 respondents were simply more forthcoming (i.e., honest) than those in the Community Health Survey sample. The problem is there is no easy way to confirm the validity of the answers in either survey so we may never know. Note: for the full story and all the data check the current issue of Injury Prevention.


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