Bridging the gap between science and practice

I have spoken and written about the importance of finding ways to implement research findings.  I have even gone so far as to suggest that until we implement more of what we already know, there may be little justification for more research. Many in the field share these views. In any case, a recent announcement from CDC has appeared with some good news. “NCIPC  has exciting news to share about our efforts to strengthen the connection between science and practice!  We are pleased to announce that the Injury Control Research Center (ICRC) program is moving from the NCIPC Extramural Research Program Office (ERPO) to the Division of Research Analysis and Practice Integration (DARPI).   This move will enable us to create stronger linkages between research and practice, and will also enhance our ability to link ICRCs and NCIPC intramural research and programs across all three NCIPC divisions.  The ERPO will still maintain responsibility for the conduct of ICRC application reviews, while the project officer function will move to the Core Violence and Injury Prevention Program Team in DARPI. This transition is currently taking place, and further details will be announced as we move forward.  We are grateful to the ERPO staff, and in particular to Dr. Paul Smutz, who have been involved in the management of the ICRC program.  Stay tuned for further updates on the progress of this move. Editors note: It would be great if NCIPC would put in place some means of assessing how successful this initiative proves to be. 

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