Honda’s new safety package

Honda Motor Co.  has developed an “accident” avoidance support system that will be bundled into an enhanced safety package. While driving at  less than 30 kph, the “City-Brake Active System” gives audio and visual warnings  when the system recognizes a high risk of collision by a laser radar installed in the upper part of the front windshield. If the driver does not take action to slow down, the system will apply the brakes automatically. The safety package will be adopted for the all-new Fit subcompact that will go on sale later this year. Editors comment: this is good news in spite of the unfortunate use of the ‘A’ word (accident). (If it is an accident, ie. bad luck, how can it be avoided?) It is also noteworthy that this is only the latest advance employing one of the E strategies that injury prevention stalwarts have long advocated: engineering.

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