Pedestrian airbags can save lives

I was fascinated to see this article regarding a pedestrian airbag in the new Volvo V40. We are all aware of the appalling road safety statistics for pedestrians – around 15% of Australia’s road toll each year is contributed by pedestrians, and two thirds of these fatalities are caused by impact with a vehicle. A pedestrian airbag could considerably reduce the severity of the impact injury to the pedestrian; thereby possibly reducing the rate of pedestrian fatalities.

“The airbag covers the windscreen pillars and lower portion of the windscreen. It operates over a range of speeds and can detect different pedestrian statures”, reported ANCAP (Australian New Car Assessment Program) chief executive Nicholas Clarke. Understandably, the V40 received an ANCAP rating of 5, the highest level possible.

If you would like to see the airbag in action, view the recording in the second link below.

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