The magical land of NRAnia

I may  soon have to apologize for the number of blogs related to the gun control issue in the U.S., but its importance cannot be underestimated and just now there seems to be a lot to report. So bear with me. What you will see below was sent by a colleague who prefaced the link with the following:

” To put this in context one must know about the testimony at the recent congressional hearings. There it was argued that large ammunition clips are needed by small women to protect home and children from groups of seven or more large male home-invaders wearing body armour.”  

The grim humour of that statement will probably end up in Mother Jones’s compilation (see previous blog), but the remainder of the piece adds to the bewildering (and chilling) array of arguments put forth by those who cannot accept the need for change. I will include a detailed excerpt in Global News, but for now I will simply quote the concluding paragraph:

“But there is one vital fact to remember about it (NRAnia): It does not exist. Addressing the problems that go on in this fictional, compelling place is not the way to solve the ones here. We have trouble enough as it is. We should be willing to listen to any reasonable approach to our very real problems with gun violence.”

PS… for those unfamiliar with the pun in the title, and the concept behind this near-satirical piece, Narnia is a fantasy land created by the British writer CS Lewis, one title being “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”.


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