Implementing & disseminating sports injury prevention

It seems that at every scientific forum I now attend, and every injury prevention policy meeting I am part of, there is a call for better understanding of how to get target end-users to adopt injury prevention measures and how to get practitioners to implement sustainable policies. And perhaps the loudest call has come from the sports medicine/sports injury prevention community in recent times.

In response to this, the August 2011 issue of the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) announced a new major focus on implementation and dissemination (I&D) science, which I will be supporting in the Senior Associate Editor role.  This will cover all aspects of sports medicine, but as sports injury prevention is a major part of this important field it is hoped that the BJSM will become a major source of information about how to better implement sports injury interventions and programs. It will also be relevant for injury prevention programs that incorporate exercise as part of their implementation strategies, such as Tai Chi and balance training for falls prevention.

The same issue of that journal published the first research paper under this new I&D focus.  The paper showed how views from player end-users of an intended lower limb injury prevention program in the sport of Australian football was necessary for informing the design of delivery plan for an intervention implementation trial.

Through future cross-Blogs between this journal, IP, and BJSM, I will alert readers  to new I&D research that should be of benefit to injury prevention research efforts more generally, not just in sports injury.  The time has come when we really need to break down the injury issue silos and start to learn and apply experiences of successful action in other settings to our own favorite injury problem.

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