MacArthur ‘Genius’ grants include 3 injury researchers!

Kevin Guskiewicz, chairman of UNC’s Department of Exercise and Sports Medicine, will receive $500,000 over the next five years as one of the 22 new fellows named by the MacArthur Foundation of Chicago. The money will  support his research into concussion injuries and sports.

Another recipient is Matthew Nock,  a clinical psychologist studying self-injury and suicide among adolescents and adults. His research combines epidemiology, laboratory experiments, and real-time psychological assessments.

A third is Marie-Therese Connolly who  is a lawyer involved in elder rights. Her mission is to find solutions to the ‘largely hidden but immense problems’ of elder abuse and neglect.

Comment:  Possibly none of the above would view themselves as ‘injury researchers’ but that should not prevent us from doing so! We should all be encouraged that the work they are doing in this field is being recognised by this awesome award. Congratulations to each of you.

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