Barry’s Blog #7

Hearing loss: most common work injury

According to CDC the most common work-related injury in the U.S. is hearing loss with about  22 million workers exposed to hazardous noise at work, and 9 million  exposed to ototoxic chemicals. A report by the Children’s Hearing Institute found hearing loss among children and young adults to be rising. About one child in eight has noise-induced hearing loss according to the American Academy of Audiology. Not surprisingly, listening to an MP3 Player at high volumes can cause permanent hearing damage.

Comment: And what about declining communication skills among ipod listeners? PS.. Is this truly the most common work-place injury?

National programme on injury prevention needed in India

The first ever national workshop on injury prevention and control recently concluded in India. It included medical, public health professionals, policy makers, road designers and judiciary led by a five-member team from CDC. The US team shared their experience in emergency preparedness and injury prevention and control. Topics included burn from  cooking stoves, road design, and bystander safety. The need for a national programme for injury prevention and control was emphasised.

Comment: Where have I heard that song before? We all need national programs!

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