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Note: As an aging person I am still not entirely clear what blogs are all about. But I have agreed to do my best to keep ours fresh by contributing more often. Some of what I will submit are left-overs from the News and Notes section I edit. I also intend to bring to your attention items of interest that I come across on the web and elsewhere. I will comment on some of these and I encourage readers to add their views – especially if you disagree with my comments.


As part of National Childhood Injury Prevention Week in the U.S., the California Dental Association reminds parents and children of the importance of mouth-guards.  When children suit up with protection for their knees, shins and wrists, CDA encourages parents to think about protecting their children’s teeth, with a mouth-guard.

Comment: Is this a good idea or does it provide fodder for the anti-nanny state constituency?

Poor Maintenance

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a popular trolley car crashed while descending steep, winding streets, killing 5 and injuring 54 others.  The Accident Prevention Commission attributed the crash to overcrowding and brakes that failed. That in turn may reflect slack maintenance – a long-standing concern. The president of the company that runs the trolleys acknowledged that in places wiring was used instead of screws and that the brake was, indeed, worn.

Ironic drunk driver

Also in Brazil, a crash was caused by a drunk driver injuring 6 people.  Sadly this is not news, but what makes it of interest is that the driver was previously a member of the Anti-Drunk-Driving Campaign.

Comment: Interesting that in both examples the basic cause is ‘human error’ but not such that prevention would be difficult. Rather just further evidence that society does not consider injuries an important health problem.

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