Shamefaced! correcting an error

I should know better! I do know better! I complain when non-Canadians assume Montreal is only a few miles from Vancouver. I should not be so smug: Dunedin is NOT Auckland! My sincere apologies.
In Injury Prevention, February 2011 the Global News Highlights section included the sentence

“Hank Weiss is his successor as Director of the IPRU in Auckland, New Zealand.”

Please note that Hank Weiss and the IPRU (Injury Prevention Research Unit, University of Otago), are based in Dunedin, New Zealand
(a city at the opposite end of the country).

The Injury Prevention Information Centre is an entirely separate entity base at The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.

I always read this section and find items of great interest. Thank you.


Gay Richards
Manager & Information Specialist
Injury Prevention Information Centre
Social & Community Health, SoPH
University of Auckland
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