Pay Equity for NPs and APNs: Twitter Chat Wed, Oct 17, 8pm ET (Toronto/New York)

Roberta Heale @robertaheale @EBNursingBMJ

Pay equity for NPs and APNs has become more and more of a concern.  There is ongoing evidence to demonstrate that NPs and APNs are not fairly remunerated.  Take, for example, that lack of any increase in salary of NPs in community agencies in Ontario for over 10 years.

In their document Competition and the Common Cold, the Competition Bureau of Canada demonstrated how regulatory restrictions impact the ability of NPs to work independently and hamper ability to remunerate appropriately.

Check out the Canadian Federation of Nurses Union survey of NPs across Canada which concluded that “To realize the full potential of NPs, governments need to address the remaining barriers to NP practice, such as outdated funding models, inappropriate remuneration, the lack of interprofessional collaboration and legislative/regulatory policy.”

Also to consider is a recent historic pay equity victory for midwives in Ontario.  In it, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario concluded that midwives were not remunerated fairly and it arose, in part, because they are female-dominated profession. The Tribunal used evidence from the Hay Report which outlined inadequate remuneration for NPs as evidence. Will this ruling make a difference for midwives?  Will it have an impact on pay for NPs and APNs?

What is the experience of NPs and APNs in other countries?  The US?  The UK? Australia?

Now that we have more than enough evidence, what needs to be done to ensure appropriate and adequate remuneration for NPs and APNs?

Join the Twitter chat on Wed, Oct 17 at 8pm ET (Toronto, New York) to discuss!

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