EBN Twitter Journal Club –Session 10

Depression in older people is becoming a major mental health concern. It is associated with functional disability, co-morbid medical conditions and social deprivation. Many studies focus on the treatment of depression, however, there is growing evidence about prevention of depressive episodes in older people through exercise.  The focus of our study this week is one example.

Some questions to consider:

1.  Do you think that the two-wave crossed-leg panel design of this study was appropriate?  Explain.

2.  What  can nursing do to address the findings of this study?

3.  In your nursing practice how would you address the fact that depression is twice as prevalent in women than in men?

Lindwall M, Larsman P, Hagger MS. (2011).The reciprocal relationship between physical activity and depression in older European adults: a prospective cross-lagged panel design using SHARE data. Health Psychol,30(4):453-62. doi: 10.1037/a0023268.

Abstract of Article http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21480713

Commentary available at: http://ebn.bmj.com/content/15/4/125.full

The discussion will take place Wednesday, May 29 (14.00 UK time) to Friday, May 31 (16.00 Eastern Canadian time), 2013.  Be sure to tweet your messages and include #ebnjc to be part of the discussion.

NOTE:  The EBN Journal Club will soon be moving to a new format. Stay tuned for details!

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